About Me


Hi, I’m Josie Smith and I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada with my husband Gary.

I’m a Beal Art alumna and graduate of OCA, the Ontario College of Art, before the “D” and the “U” (design and university).  My focus at OCA was in Industrial Design, Ceramics and Figure Drawing.  While there I also studied woodworking, plastics and metal work.

I’ve worked in Fashion (as a styling assistant), Film and Video (in the art departments), Industrial Design and Illustration (for MAC Costmetics), Broadcasting (CBC), and also in Legal and Finance, when other jobs were hard to come by.

Oh, and I think olives are pretty darn tasty.

About the Blog

Olyf.com began as a seed of an idea back in November 2008 as a return to posting sketches online again after an absence of roughly four years.  Different priorities and a variety of web and other contract jobs took me away from my enjoyment of creating.

My sketch blog exists due to much encouragement from my husband Gary and a variety friends (Erin, Michael, Grant, Bert, Cindy, to name a few).

Thanks for visiting. I hope you stop by often!

~ Josie